Selling A Home?

Realtors & Clients!  Do you need to clear clutter in preparation for the home stager? 

Moving to a smaller space and aren’t sure what will fit?  Dread sorting & Packing?  Do you move unnecessary boxes and junk from one home to another without knowing what is in them?  No time or will to sort through?

Find out how we can help.

For Your Office

Is disorganization in your office costing you? Do you scramble to find the paperwork or tools you need to perform your job?

Are you too busy doing your business to get your office organized?

Find out how we can help.

For Your Home

Do you need to figure out how to fit all your belongings into a small space? Do the spaces in your home flow and function efficiently? Does your family know where everything goes so they can help tidy up? Is there that one room that is the "collect all" because you don't know where to put the stuff?

For Your Closets & Storage

Do you wear the same 20% of your clothes because you can't see or get to the remaining 80%?

Do you need help creating more functional closet and storage space?

Organize Your Life

Are you ready to take charge of your health and wellness? Do you need to refresh the peace and harmony in your life? Are your “things” encroaching on your breathing room? Do you need to create better flow in your living or work space? Do you need a hand to find a place for everything and get everything in its place? Are you unsure where to even begin?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions and do not have the time, energy, or brain power to tackle this on your own, then perhaps a professional organizer is what you need!

On top of the wasted time clutter causes its been well established by medical professionals that having too much clutter can contribute to stress, poor eating & sleeping habits, and other medical issues.

The truth is that everyone needs a hand occasionally when it comes to keeping their life and home organized . Clutter is nothing more than a postponed decision… Contact us today!

Our process is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Analyze – We will assess and take stock of what you are currently working with, where you would like to be, identify what is holding you back, and what is important to you.
  2. Strategize – We will create a plan of action for the physical transformation of your space, based on your specific personality, needs, and goals. Then give you a realistic schedule for making it happen.
  3. Initiate – We will methodically dive into the clutter, nurturing the process of focusing on what is most important to you in order to sort and arrange items to reflect the way you think. We want to effectively  create the visible and dramatic results you desire. 

You already know what you need to know about organizing.  Our job is to teach you how to use that knowledge effectively to create function & flow, setting you on the path to less stress! 

Proud Member of Professional Organizers in Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy on a listing  getting it prepared for market that needed help above and beyond what a Home Stager or cleaner could do. Wendy was punctual and amazed me with what she could do in a short period of time! The difference Wendy made in the property was night and day. I look forward to working with you on many more. You make me look good!

James Micallef, Royal Lepage

 Wendy came into my life at a very critical stage in my life. She helped clear 40+ years of clutter from my parents' estate and my own home to organize my space and my mind. Wendy understood the emotions that came with letting go. Memories are still there - the clutter is not.

Linda E. ~ Mississauga

Wendy Monteith, Everyone wants her! She is not just an organizer... Her consultation was personalized and specific to my situation. She worked within my budget and got me through to the other side! From chaos to beauty and order!! She delivered more than my expectations. She was calm and loved what she was doing! I highly recommend her and I will work with her again and again!

Ida Michaels Inc ~ Aurora